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I have just started my internship, thanks to the EURIBOR project, which supports young women in vulnerable situations, at risk of social isolation and unemployment, a training internship within the company "WeMove Srl", which deals with international projects.


Among the various Italian emergencies, the growth of NEETs (not in Education, Employment or Training), is assuming worrying dimensions.

Young people who do not study, do not work and are not included in training courses have exceeded three million in Italy, of which almost two thirds are women. This makes Italy one of the European countries with the highest number of young NEETs, with a higher incidence in the central-southern regions.



We encourage you to watch women's statements regarding participation in EURIBOR programmes in Spain (implemented by La Salle). Five women - entrepreneur, volunteer and project's participants - talking about their engagment in EURIBOR project's activities.


Deborah Dimitrova actively participated in the work of the mobile team in 2022 in Bulgaria. The mobile team was created by our project Partner - Agency for Regional and Economic Development. Dedication to work and ambition of the mobile team in the territory of the city of Vratsa turned into creating a successful cooperation with the owner of the company "Shoko Michelinda" LTD.




On 20.02.2023 - 21.02.2023 training on Entrepreneurship and Mentoring Scheme Methodology was organized. It was conducted online by the trainers from ÖJAB.


At the beginning of March, the training in electronic commerce and marketing of the project
"Euribor: Promotion of sustainable actions for the empowerment of vulnerable groups of young women" began in Spain.


On 20.02.2023 and 21.02.2023 we will continue the Virtual Training for Multipliers in the EURIBOR project. This time the training will focus on entrepreneurship and mentoring.



La Salle Andalucía, in collaboration with different social entities, has been developing group workshops with the women participating in the Euribor project, within the framework of the activity: Preparation of educational and career plans.

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Euribor ProjectEuribor Project

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