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EURIBOR project team received an invitation from Financial Mechanism Office and the Fund Operator to take part in the fourth annual thematic seminar for projects funded under the EEA and Norway Grants Regional Funds.
It was organized as a stationary event, in FMO’s  new seat (EFTA House, Brussels). The participants that could not participate in presence had also the opportunity to connect online on the first day of the seminar.


Training on E-commerce, including Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing was conducted online by the experienced trainer from our Partner organization BSW – Mr Dr. Lars Göhler. It was the part of our action: Train the Trainer.


Next week (28.11.2022-02.12.2022) we are starting the Virtual Training for Multipliers in the EURIBOR project. Training will focus on E-commerce, including Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing and is the part of the action Train the Trainer.



Through individual interviews, we continue to learn about the young
participants who are attended by La Salle Andalucía, through the
entities Asociación Estrella Azahara, Asociación Hogar La Salle Jerez
and Asociación Proyecto Alfa.


La Salle Andalucía has led a working day in Jerez de la Frontera, held on September 15.



On 21-25.06.2022 Study Visit in Dresden was organized. It was a second event in our project “EURIBOR: Promoting sustainable actions for empowerment of vulnerable groups of youth women”.


On 16/06/2022 in Córdoba, Spain, La Salle Andalucía, through its socio-educational work Asociación
Estrella Azahara, held a networking meeting within the framework of the Euribor project.



On 30/03/2022 in Krakow, Poland, in the conference room of the Grottger Boutique Hotel, a meeting of partners in the EURIBOR project in a hybrid format was held.

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Euribor ProjectEuribor Project

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